DHA Pollution Control - for environmental and waste water engineering services.
  DHA design, manufacture and install Package Sewage Treatment Plants. They incorporate primary settlement, biological treatment, final settlement with clarification and recycling facility.

The process of treatment is predominantly one of submerged aeration. Other treatment processes, such as extended filtration, can be applied.

The sewage treatment plant schemes can cater for individual houses and for populations of up to 300 persons.

Our sewage treatment plants have been designed to meet very stringent Consent Standards as imposed by the Environment Agency and can meet the high specification requirements of plcs. All schemes incorporate expansion facility to allow for future upgrade either to meet an increase in either the population requirement (phased development) or a more stringent Consent Standard

The plants can be installed to be totally flush with the ground, offering the aesthetic benefit of minimal visual impact, have low capital and operating costs, are odour free and require minimal maintenance due to there being no electrical or mechanical moving parts below cover.

The treated effluent can normally be discharged directly to a watercourse or into or onto land with the Environment Agency's consent. The consent will determine the volume and quality of the treated effluent discharge. We offer the liaison between the client and the Environment Agency to ensure total understanding of the site and peace of mind regarding legal compliance to consent conditions.
  The pictures below show some completed installations.......
  Mechanised Treatment pic 1 Mechanised Treatment pic 2
  Mechanised Treatment pic 3 Mechanised Treatment pic 4
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